9 FAVORITE Filipino Bread Recipes

Let that smell of freshly baked bread fill your house with these Filipino bread recipes!

Craving your favorite Filipino bread? If you live far away from home like me and have been missing freshly baked bread from your local “panaderia” (bakery), then you are in for a treat! I’ve rounded up all the bread recipes I’ve shared that you can easily make at home!

Filipino Bread Recipe Collection

Filipino Bread Recipes

Spanish Bread – also known as señorita bread. A sweet rolled bread filled with buttery and sugary breadcrumbs. This is probably the second most favorite Filipino bread next to pandesal. I have yet to learn its origin but it is evidently of Spanish influence judging from its name.

This bread is a part of my childhood and it’s one of the first recipes I posted here in RTK. Happy to report that it is also a favorite by many of my readers.

filipino spanish bread

Soft Cheese Rolls – Super soft, luscious, pillowy rolled bread filled with cheese then slathered with butter and sugar on top. ⁠It’s like Ensaymada in another form. YES?!⁠ One thing you’ll love about this recipe is that the dough only requires one proofing and the rising time is faster than your regular dough recipe.

bread rolls filled with cheese

Baked Pork Buns (Asado Bread Roll) – As the name implies, it is a Pandesal bread filled with sweet-salty pork filling. This is also known as Asado roll in the Philippines. It is similar to Chinese BBQ pork buns but the filling is made of braised pork instead of char siu. For variation, you can brush the top with egg wash instead of rolling in breadcrumbs.

Sweet BBQ Pork Buns Recipe

Ube Cheese Bread – Here I share 3 delicious ways of making an ube flavored bread. Choose from pandesal, cheese roll, and my favorite, with sweet and delicious ube filling! You can make this using fresh ube (purple yam) or sweet purple potato as a substitute.

Recipe of Ube Cheese Roll and Pandesal

Brown Pandesal – Another variation of pandesal made of bread flour and wholemeal flour. I would also like to call this “healthy-ish” pandesal. It contains less butter compared to my other pandesal recipe but is still equally good. I also recommend adding a flaxseed meal for some omega-3 goodness!⁠

learn how to make pandesal

Pan de Coco – Soft and buttery baked buns filled with sweetened coconut filling. You can make this with freshly grated coconut or desiccated coconut. In the recipe, I shared the best way to rehydrate desiccated coconut.

FIlipino Bread Pan de Coco

Soft and Buttery Pandesal – The name says it all. Not the traditional way of making pandesal but this recipe has instantly become a reader favorite for one reason–IT STAYS SOFT EVEN THE NEXT DAY! Try it, to believe it 🙂

Filipino Bread Pandesal Recipe

Super Soft Ensaymada – The BEST Ensaymada recipe you’ll ever make! Made with lots of egg yolks and butter. Really sinful and delicious!

This is recipe is technically easy to make as it doesn’t involve coiling the dough or using any special mold. The rising time however takes longer than your usual bread recipe but fret not. There are ways to quicken the process and I’ve shared them in the post.

soft and buttery ensaymada

Ensaymada Ube and Monggo – your favorite ensaymada made even more special with ube and munggo (sweet mung bean paste) filling. This recipe yields a super soft bread made of my tried and tested ensaymada dough. You can make the fillings from scratch or use store-bought for convenience. Step-by-step photos, videos, and lots of tips are all here!

Ensaymada filled with Ube Halaya

Which one of these is your favorite? I know that is a hard question. But you don’t have to actually choose. Just make what you’re craving for. Each of these recipes are made of simple ingredients that you can find in your local grocery store.

What your you waiting for? Let that smell of freshly baked bread fill your house and enjoy!

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