Soft Filipino Pandesal


 What is Pandesal

Pandesal, sometimes spelled out as pan de sal means "salt bread" in Spanish.  It is one, if not the most popular bread in the Philippines.

Why you'll love this recipe

It yields the softest and most delicious bread.

The bread stays soft until the next day and even the next day after. I promise!

This is your ultimate guide at making your favorite Filipino breakfast rolls.

A beginner-friendly recipe with lots of tips and complete video on how to to make pandesal.

Flour Bag





Egg Yolks


 Secret to  Soft Pandesal

Using pure egg yolks is the secret to making the softest pandesal. 

 How to Shape Pandesal 

I find that shaping the dough into small logs rather than one long log is so much easier to do.

Evenly sized Pandesal

Use a kitchen scale If you want to accurately divide the dough into equal portions of the same size and weight.

Breadcrumbs for Pandesal

I recommend using breadcrumbs with a finer texture. I often use Progresso plain breadcrumbs (this is not sponsored).

What's your favorite palaman?

butter or margarine

peanut butter

strawberry jam

coconut jam

cheese spread



Make Asado Bread Roll

Light, soft and tender buns with tender pork filling!

Watch how to make Pandesal