Instant Pot  Chicken Congee


Comforting and hearty with the perfect rice porridge consistency that is ready in 35 minutes. Let's get started!

Why you'll love this recipe

Cooking time is shorter than the stove-top version

You will get that porridge consistency with WAY LESS STIRRING and tending of the pot

Flour Bowl


You probably already have these in your pantry:

A few things to note

Use bone-in, skin-on chicken for a more flavorful broth. 

Regular white rice like Jasmine rice (long grain rice) or Japanese rice (medium grain).

Yeast Package

Season with fish sauce for an umami packed congee.

Use chicken, pork, or vegetable broth. For convenience, I used chicken bouillon.

Flour Bowl

Secret to 35 Minutes Instant Pot Congee

It's not rocket science. Just really simple techniques to make the whole process so much quicker.

Use hot water/broth


Large Radish

Starting with hot water will mean the pot will get up to pressure sooner. And the sooner the pot gets to pressure the sooner it can start "cooking", which will reduce the cooking time.

10 mins Pressure Cooking Time


Set to cook at high pressure That is all you need. If using frozen chicken, adjust to 15 minutes.

Flour Bowl
Large Radish

Use Natural Release


Using natural release is the key to this recipe. The remaining pressure will continue cooking the chicken and rice for 25 minutes.


Do not be tempted to use "quick release" as the starch from the rice will spill everywhere and you'll of course end up with an uncooked porridge.

Green Bulb

Meatless or Vegetarian Congee

Substitute chicken with mushrooms like shitake, portobello, and button mushrooms.  For extra protein, add diced firm tofu after pressure cooking. Cook for 1 to 2 minutes then turn off the instant pot.

Flour Bowl

Serve with boiled egg, green onions, toasted garlic, century egg, coriander and chili oil. ENJOY!