Cream Cheese  Pasta Sauce

Let's make

Using cream cheese is a great way to transform your pasta sauce to a whole 'nother level. Let's get started!


You probably already have these in your pantry:

A few things to note

Use fresh garlic cloves instead of garlic powder for best results. 

A block of cream cheese or cream cheese in a tub will work in this recipe.

Yeast Package

Types of pasta

Serve this sauce with long pasta noodles like fettuccine, spaghetti, and tube pasta like penne.

Flour Bag

How to Make It

And here's how to make pasta sauce using cream cheese.

Soften the cream cheese 30 minutes to 1 hour before cooking.


Slightly brown the garlic (not burnt) to make the sauce flavorful.

Stir constantly until the sauce becomes smooth and creamy. If the sauce becomes too thick, just add more milk or pasta water.

Use freshly grated parmesan as it melts easily and has better flavor than jarred ones.


Vegetables you can add

baby asparagus mushrooms spinach broccoli sun-dried tomatoes



Choose from slices of chicken, shrimp, salmon, or bacon if you feel like indulging on a busy weeknight.


Serve with garlic bread and a simple green salad. Enjoy as a complete meal for the whole family to enjoy!