Beef Tapa "TAPSILOG"

A Filipino Breakfast

Riverten KITCHEN

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Beef tapa is the Filipino version of 'cured beef' popularly served for breakfast  known as "TAPSILOG"


Beef tapa is made in a few different ways. Some like it salty & garlicky while others like it with a hint of sweetness.

I love my tapa to be on the sweet-tangy side so that's what we're making today.


Let's make TAPSILOG!

TAPSILOG is a blend of Filipino words that means...  TAPA (TAP) - cured beef SINANGAG (SI) - garlic rice ITLOG (LOG) - egg




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Marinade: Ingredients

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Sirloin, ribeye, and tenderloin are the best beef cut for tapa.

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Slice the beef

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Cut the beef into thin slices about ½ inch. You can easily do this at home using a sharp knife.  Tip: freeze the whole block of beef for 2 hours beforehand to make it easier to cut.

Step 1

Step 2

Tenderize the beef. Pound the beef with a meat mallet using the spiky side - this will break down the muscle fibers and will make it tender.

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Step 3

Marinate the beef. For best flavor, marinate the beef tapa overnight. The acid in the pineapple juice and vinegar also helps tenderize the meat which allows it to absorb more flavor.

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Step 4

Cook the beef. Heat the oil in a wide pan over high heat. The pan must be hot enough to brown and cook the beef quickly.

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Serve with garlic fried rice and fried egg with a side of salad and vinegar dipping sauce.

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